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This is a group-lesson structure to accompany the ensemble training of Genesis, Next Step, Cadets, Slam, Impact, Pursuit, and Percussion Ensemble.  The classes are offered 4-8 week sessions. They will teach technique, music reading, practice habits, performance skills,

and more. Attendance at each class is important because percussion skills and

concepts overlap from week to week.

View our Calendar for a schedule of classes.

drum set class

This class will teach you the basics of drum set, the king of instruments.  Learn the charts of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, or own the stage like Mike Mangini.  Develop limb coordination, sight reading, volume control, and everything else you

need to make your band director, jazz band

rhythm section, and entire household happy!

keyboard class

This class will teach the fundamentals of keyboard technique, two- and four-mallet playing, note reading, key signatures, and everything else you need to sound like this century’s version of George Hamilton Green, Vida Chenoweth and Keiko Abe.

snare drum class

This class sets the groundwork to play ALL percussion instruments. 
From matched grip to flam mills, this class will develop technique, sight reading, chops, smoothness, and general musicianship.  Become a fundamentally better musician

in this class!

recital seminar

This is a performance-minded class to work on solo music, performance skills, or preparation for all-state, solo and ensemble contests, drum corps, or college auditions.



This is an auditioned group that performs the standards of the percussion repertoire, including major works and chamber pieces on a variety of instruments and musical genres.  Works to perform this semester: Marimba Spiritual by Minoru Miki, works by Ivan Trevino, Josh Gottry, Mark Ford, and more.

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