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Guidelines will be routinely reviewed and adapted based on new information from the PAS, DOH, and CDC. Our goal is to keep students and staff safe, and allow Groove to continue.


The following guidelines will apply for Groove rehearsals + activities:

  • Parents/Guardians will be asked to complete this screening form BEFORE arriving to Groove.

  • Masks will be required for students and staff.

  • If a student has a medical exemption, please notify us.

  • “Dots” will placed at recommended intervals.  Each student will have an assigned spot they are to go to at every rehearsal.

  • If a student exhibits symptoms while at rehearsal, they will be moved to an isolated room and the parent/guardian will be called to pick them up.

    • Groove will need a working contact number for each family.

  • There will be a designated teaching area.

    • This area is ONLY for adult staff.

    • This area will be taped off.

    • This area will be greater than the recommended distance per DOH/CDC from students.

    • Due to HVAC system running for better airflow, and recommended ear plug use; this space allows the instructor to be properly spaced from all others and speak without a mask on.

    • Once out of the space, a mask must be worn.

  • Equipment is not to be shared.  This includes sticks/mallets.

  • Groove falls under the guidelines of the DOH/CDC and not the DOE/various school districts.

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