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Percussion Academy

Percussion. Passion. Perfection.




Groove, Inc. has grown to be the largest youth percussion organization in the Midwest. Established in 1997 as a summer drumline, Groove, Inc. has now grown to contain six ensembles with members ranging in age from 6 to 64 years old. Groove, Inc. provides group instruction to a variety of percussionists – beginning with those with no percussion background, up to world-class performers. Its most experienced members contribute back to the community by instructing Groove, Inc. ensembles and giving private lessons.



Our goal is to spread a passion for all types of percussion in the Midwest, for all ages. Groove, Inc. aims to provide every member with the instruction and experience necessary to bring a general knowledge of the primary percussion instruments back to their elementary, middle, high school or college bands.



We strive to provide band programs with percussionists who can rehearse and perform exceptionally well in concert, jazz and marching bands with a focus on excellence and perfection.



Being a member of Groove, Inc. is a rewarding experience. It involves hard work and commitment. Working as a team player and reaching goals takes practice. Being at practices and performances is extremely important. Each instrument part leads to a whole, successful performance. If you are involved in a number of other activities, you should compare their schedules with the Groove, Inc. calendar. If you need to miss a number of practices, performances or competitions, you may need to reconsider joining Groove, Inc. or join a lower level ensemble. We want you as part of the organization; however, we have strict attendances and requirements in the top two groups. To be a successful organization and to carry on Groove, Inc.’s proud tradition, we need consistent and dedicated involvement.

We work hard; there are hours of standard drill, sectionals, and learning old and new techniques. Rehearsals will try your patience and mental stamina. You will grow and gain a lot during these times. You will also have fun and make new friends who share your performing/competitive experiences that create memories that last a lifetime.

Your percussion skills will definitely improve, and other talents you did not think you had will be developed as well. You will be in better physical and mental condition. Your condition will be enhanced by increased confidence, and you will feel more positive about your personal qualities. The instructional staff will create a positive role model environment, while challenging you to live better in every way.


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PO Box 528, Sioux Falls, SD 57101

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